In the book Great Managers Lead, you will find proven methods to take you from GOOD to GREAT!

"What a great quick read on management! In my opinion, every manager, even an experienced one, should read it."

- Leslie, Call Center Manager

Does any of this sound familiar?


  • Did you get passed over for a big promotion?

  • Did your team miss another deadline?

  • Are you struggling to motivate your team and feeling like you have to do all the work?

  • Have you put in the extra hours and still feel like you aren’t making a dent in your workload?

  • Have you been putting off that certification or training course because you just don’t have the energy to do one more thing?

Did you shake your head YES to one or more of the above?

Then you have absolutely come to the right spot. 

Imagine that...

not only have you achieved promotion you have been waiting for, you also received an unexpected raise with a huge bonus.

Your team is now one of the top producers in the company and is always getting the A projects.

You can’t remember the last time you had to work a 14 hour day or on a weekend and have been able to enjoy your time off.

You are now the leader of a well-oiled team that can (almost) run itself!

You finally got your certification which has accelerated your career path within your company. 

You can have all of this success, and it can happen today.

 I would like to introduce you to your guide to success. 
Great Managers Lead


In this book, you will be given the exact steps needed to become a great leader. The best part? You can start using the Great Manager’s Lead method today!

Manage with Confidence

Manage With Confidence

Eliminate the feeling of second guessing yourself and feel confident in your management skills. Learn the essential tools needed to lead a team of any size, whether just starting in your management career or a seasoned Professional.

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Get the Results You Want

Ready to unlock the secrets to getting the results you want as a manager? Learn the most effective tips to get exactly what you want from your team and yourself. 

Be the Manager that everyone wants to work for.

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Save Time & Money

As a manager, you have probably
experienced the feeling of dread when a deadline comes and goes or a top employee quits. Learn the secrets to time management and risk mitigation to help you run an all-star team.  


Each chapter focuses on a specific and pivotal lesson that can help take you from a good manager to a great leader. 

1: The Essentials of a Successful Leader

2: What It Really Takes to Go from Good to Great

3: Why Communication Is Golden

4: How to Not Crush Morale

5: The Importance of Retention

6:  How to Get an Employee to Perform

7:  Why Being a Good Listener Gets You Promoted

8: Employee Discipline: The Toughest Part of Being a Leader

9:  Why Open Feedback Looks Different Than You Think

10:  The Reason Your Team Members Are Quitting (Hint: It’s You)




"What a great "quick" read on management! In my opinion, every manager, even an experienced one, should read it.  There are some really good examples of what to do, and it got me to think twice, particularly the chapter  "Why People Leave (HINT: It's You). 

As a manager, I could also use this book to aid in writing a development plan for my young supervisors who are just starting out."


"All I can say is WOW!  Thanks Cindy Fassler for sharing YEARS of wisdom!  This book should be required reading for  Managers Everywhere!"

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"This book has shown me the way to be a much better manager and more confident in my approach. i wish this book would have been available earlier in my career!"



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Business Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author

Cindy Fassler, founder and vice president of Professional Career Placements, brings over 30 years of expertise to the table where she specializes in executive recruiting and coaching. Cindy is in the unique position of being able to pass down her years of knowledge to her business partners and clients. Prior to her current position, Cindy was the CEO and Founder of Total Staffing Solutions, a leading San Francisco boutique staffing firm. With her unique experience across industries, she is a guiding light for small businesses looking to grow.

Cindy is known to her coaching clients as a “guru” for her unique leadership techniques that she has developed over the years. Her executive recruiting specialties lie within the accounting, banking, executive administration, and human resource areas. 

You can currently find Cindy inspiring her team, building strong relationships with clients and candidates, and igniting passion in management coaching and executive search.



Great Managers Lead is available for purchase through our website as a downloadable PDF or Amazon as a Kindle Book.